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Team Up with Warwick Cares

In an effort to address the increasing number of suicides within the local community, Town Supervisor Micheal Sweeton, Mayor Michael Newhard, and Judy Battista created Warwick Cares. This newly formed group aims to raise awareness, spread positive messages, and emphasize the importance of the national 988 call line as a vital resource for those in need. This three-digit number will soon be established as the national suicide prevention and mental health crisis hotline, streamlining the process of seeking assistance during moments of distress. By educating the community about this resource, Warwick Cares aims to save lives and provide crucial support to those in crisis. As a nonprofit organization also committed to raising awareness about mental illness, addiction, and suicide, Team Up for Hope was proud to get involved.

During the Warwick Cares kick-off event that was hosted at The Railroad Green on May 6th, Team Up for Hope demonstrated their support by presenting Warwick Cares with a $500 check. This contribution will help cover some of the costs associated with Warwick Cares' mission, exemplifying Team Up for Hope's dedication to providing resources, education, and support to individuals facing mental health challenges.

The collaboration between Team Up for Hope and Warwick Cares signifies a powerful alliance against the devastating impact of suicide on the community. By combining their efforts, these organizations can amplify their messages, share valuable resources, and provide greater support to those in need. Together, they strive to cultivate a community that prioritizes mental health, reduces stigma, and ensures that support is readily available to individuals dealing with mental illness and suicidal thoughts.

Warwick Cares and Team Up for Hope are determined to build a community that values mental health, eliminates stigma, and ensures that no one faces their battles alone.

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