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For people battling mental health and/or addiction, the shame surrounding these challenges can make it feel impossible to speak out. Unfortunately, that means that a lot of people who may need help don’t feel comfortable asking for it.

Here at Team Up for Hope, we believe that by providing education, resources, and support we can help break the stigma. Our way of accomplishing this goal and spreading awareness is through the webinars we host. We invite local experts to share their experiences with mental health and substance abuse. In the past, we have been joined by professionals who help others recover, as well as people who have experienced mental health and /or addiction firsthand. Many individuals have had encounters with these issues in their own lives. We would like to hear from people in the community who have their own stories to share. If you are interested in joining us to help spread the word on these issues we now have forms you can submit so we can get to know your story and hopefully have you as a guest in one of our webinars.

If you are a professional or advocate who works with individuals and/or families impacted by mental health and/or addiction, please fill out and submit this form.

If you are someone who has your own story to tell about how you went through a battle with mental health and/or addiction please fill out and submit this form.

Thank you for helping us spread awareness and let's get the conversation started!

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