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Ron Handelman, Psychologist

Institute for Change

973-734-0780, Ext 3

Hints for creating a good

AT-HOME schedule

-Get a calendar or a daily/weekly schedule or planner.


-Every day, try to include at least one activity in each of these categories:  


Activity Examples


Educational - School work; reading; writing/journaling; learning something new,    then discussing                              your findings

Physical -        Exercising; walking; running; biking; yoga; stretching; healthy movement; gardening;                            cleaning the house, meditation

Nutrition -      Plan, prepare and eat healthy meals; find recipes; cook; bake; clean up after.  Avoid                              constant snacking and unhealthy foods; have more fruits and vegetables; try new                                  foods

Creative -       Create art; draw; sculpt; collage; build; play and create music; learn or practice an                                  instrument; sing; explore new kinds of music and art, then share

Family -          Spend positive time with family members: play a game; puzzles; TV shows; 

                         discussions; singing; cooking; exercise…..(yes, the categories can overlap)


-Try leaving the door open more


-Plan to be helpful and available to siblings and adults at home


-Be mindful of your own mood and responses...and try to be positive when others approach you. 


-Plan less screen and phone time...try setting a timer or make limit for yourself


-Plan a bedtime, and a waking time that makes sense and maximizes your productivity.   


Example of a daily schedule:  


8:00 am     Wake, teeth, wash, dress, breakfast, plan the day, family 



9:00 am     School work, google classroom, teacher emails, learning


10:00 am   Break, talk to a friend or family member, movement, music


10:30 am  School work, productive time, reading, writing


11:30  am Movement time, exercise, walk or bike with siblings


12:00 pm Prepare, eat, and clean up lunch; discuss morning with family 1:00 pm Finish school                              work,  get head of assignments, make a plan for the next day


2:00 pm  Art or music practice; create something...learn something new

3:00 pm Go outside: walk, bike, run, gardening, building, painting, move


4:30 pm Take care of pets, clean room, organize papers and schoolwork, help parent, assist with                       dinner preparations


5:30 pm  Mealtime: cook, eat and clean up...everyone helps


6:30 pm  Read, music, social chats with friends, screentime, journaling,  another walk, meditate


7:30 pm  Share a TV show with family, school work, art, games


9:00 pm  Read, music, social/family chat, art, finish remaining school work   Start the evening                               routine...shower, teeth, clean up   Unwind

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